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Poster: grendelschoice Date: Oct 2, 2008 12:39pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: we done good, and sometimes bad

Not to mention the record number (more than 700) of "signing statements" Bush used to avoid override votes for a number of very serious policy issues, especially regarding rendition of "enemy combatants" to sercret CIA torture cells, warrantless wiretapping of US citizens, and much more.

Your point about the Patriot Act is spot on. The world did indeed change since 9/11 and while security should and does remain a vital concern, Bush and Co. have done so much to reduce the very freedoms that makes the US as great a country as it's been, that what we end up keeping "secure" hardly resembles that country at all.

John McCain himself spoke out against the use of torture (and he oughta know), and the efforts by Cheney and co. to rationalize its use should make any real American who wants to be different than the terrorist scum who torture all the time sick to their stomachs.

Add on the despicable attempts to argue that the President alone should have authority to decide whether Habeus Corpus should be denied "enemy combatants" without ANY judiciary review, and you have just a few examples of who you vote for really does matter.

The checks and balances of the 3 branches have never been as out of whack as they are now, and another tilt far right to the Supreme Court could easily put us over the edge. (Although I do give credit to the current bench--even Scalia, who told the Bushies that they had to be kidding with their efforts to take supreme control over habeus--for making the right decision in that particular case).

Still, no matter what your politcal leanings are, we should not be cavalier about electing the people who lead the country. Voting does matter, and for a lot of people, it's the only voice we have. Treat that right like it's nonsense, and you'll end up eventually w/the kind of banana republics they have in the most dangerous parts of the world.